Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About CustomerCare Plus Service Contracts

Q: Do you accept payment by credit card?

A: Yes, CEM accepts most major credit cards. To pay by credit card, call the contract administrator at 1-800-726-3331.


Q: May I fax my plan selection to CEM?

A: We encourage and accept facsimiles prior to mailing the agreement. Fax to (704) 973-2499.


Q: How do I request service once I have purchased a contract?

A: Call 1-800-726-5551, fax the CEM Service Department at 704-973-2499, email or use the online service request form.


Q: Is there a cost savings if I add an additional unit to my contract?

A: CEM offers multiple unit discounts (average 10% discount per unit).


Q: If I purchase a new CEM instrument during my contract term, do I get a contract refund?

A: CEM will either refund the cash balance of the contract or transfer the balance of the contract to the new instrument on a pro-rated basis.


Q: If I purchase a contract, may I upgrade it to accommodate additional requirements such as calibrations, etc.

A: CEM will upgrade the service contract and apply the cost of the original contract to the price of the upgraded contract.


Q: If I transfer an instrument covered by a service contract to a sister facility, does the contract transfer with the instrument?

A: To ensure that the contract is transferrable with the instrument, call 1-800-726-5551 for assistance from a member of the technical support team with proper packaging and shipping instructions.


Q: Does CEM offer instrument training. What are the costs?

A: Yes. Quarterly seminars are offered at the CEM Corporate headquarters on specific instruments. Service Seminars are free to CustomerCare Plus Contract customers.


Q: How soon can I use the service contract once it has been received by CEM?

A:  As long as your effective dates are current, you may begin using your service agreement right away.


Q: Will I get a copy of the fully executed service contract?

A:  No, your signed quote will become your service agreement, please keep a copy for your records.


Q:  Can I purchase a multiple year service agreement and is there a cost savings in doing so?

A:  Typically, our service agreements are for one year; however please reach out to Monica Gamble at for further information and pricing.