Digestions: The Importance of Vessel Cleaning

Most people do not realize the importance of vessel cleaning and routine maintenance and the impact it has on the operation of the MARS and MARS 6 systems. More than half of the incoming assistance requests to CEM Technical Support stem from vessels that are either in need of routine maintenance or are simply being used beyond their usable life.

What are some of the things to look for in aging vessels?

  • A yellowing color to the liners or caps: this could possibly be resolved by baking out the components. Heating the liners and caps in an oven can release any absorbed materials and return them to their bright white state. Contact CEM Technical Support for these instructions.
  • Sleeves that have turned almost white: this indicated a sleeve that needs to be replaced as it has lost its strength.
  • Sleeves that are frayed on the ends: this indicates that the sleeve must be replaced immediately, as it can allow the heated liner to deform and damage the entire vessel assembly.
  • Burned spots on the vessel frame: this indicates that the vessel has come into contact with the frame on a previous run and damaged the frame. The frame should be replaced immediately.

A little diligence in watching for any of the above issues can prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the life of your vessels! 

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